أ.م.د. كريم عاصي عبيد |



Kareem Assi Obaid

Date of birth:

JANUARY 1st 1966.

Place of birth

Alshakreen, Bany Saad, Baqouba, Iraq



Marital status:


Wife Job:

Teacher of English language





Current work address:

Pediatrics department, Medical college, Diyala University, Baquba, Iraq.

Home address

Alshakreen, Bany Saad, Baquba, Iraq.





E mail:

(a) KarimaIhamdany@ yahoo.com




Fellowship of Perinatology 2008; Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC),Doha ,Qatar.

HMC JCI Internationally accredited corporation, it was the main and only tertiary neonatal intensive care unit in Qatar and it was the biggest neonatology intensive care unit in gulf and Arab area with a total capacity of 70 neonatal cases including 15 ventilatory sets, 27 high intensive care beds and 34-40intermdeiate care beds, 10 isolation infected beds, physiotherapy and rehabilitation sections, baby & jaundice clinics for follow up .


CABP 2003

Committee of Arab board for medical specialization, (4 years training in pediatrics with 2 examination primary and final exam, the final exam were 2 parts written and clinical

M.B.Ch.B. 1991

Bachelor of medicine and surgery, Mustansyriah college of medicine, Baghdad, Iraqi, graduated on 10/09/1991, its 6 years program, the 1st three year is basic and the last 3 years are clinical. The last year of stagger only in the hospital and it’s involve 4 courses, 3 months each which are; Obs and Ggyne, surgery, medicine, and pediatrics. The final exam composed of written and clinical, the clinical exam is 3 parts; oral, long and short case exam. The final mark are calculated from all the 6 years performance with different load for each year, the main load of the graduation mark and rank mark for the 6th year performance





Clinical Perinatology.


Current Position

Assistant professor and consultant pediatrician, Medical college, Diyala University, Baquba, Iraq.

I had Joined my work in the pediatrics department, Medical college, Diyala University,Baquba, Iraq as a lecturer pediatrician teaching the fifth and sixth year medical college students giving them total of 60 hours/year theoretical as well as 60 hours/year clinical sessions in the college and Albatool maternity teaching hospital as well as working as specialist pediatrician in the hospital .

In the college, I have been posted in 2010 as an editorial manager of the newly established Diyala Journal of medicine for researches and other educational activities.

Previous Position

From May31st 2008 to August 31 2010.

Joined with NICU/Pediatrics department/TAWAM Hospital, AlAin, United Arab of Emirates.

From January 5th 2009 Joined as a clinical assistant professor pediatrics in United Arab Emirate university medical college.

TAWAM Hospital 468 bed total capacity JCI accredited , affiliated with Jons Hopkins medicine, Al-Emirate Medical college, Tertiary teaching hospital and Arab Board training center ,NICU had 30 beds/incubators capacity with all facilities for neonatal fulterm and preterm care including all types of mechanical ventilation ,NRP program training center, resident training, medical school undergraduate and postgraduate training center, performing all procedure required for neonatal resuscitation( intubations , assisted ventilation, central line insertion, lumber puncture ,peripheral canulation and chest tube insertion)and teaching as well as clinical training for under graduate and post graduate students of the United Arab Emirate university in Al Ain city and Arab Board Training center in TAWAM hospital.


Previous Position

From February 28th 2005 to july10th 2008




NICU/WH/HMC JCI Internationally accredited corporation, it was the main and only tertiary neonatal intensive care unit in Qatar and it was the biggest neonatology intensive care unit in gulf and Arab area with a total capacity of 70 neonatal cases including 15 ventilatory sets, 27 high intensive care beds and 34-40intermdeiate care beds, 10 isolation infected beds, physiotherapy and rehabilitation sections, baby & jaundice clinics for follow up .

I Have been completed 3&1/2 years working after postgraduate Arab Board Degree , Managing critical term and preterm cases performing all procedures required like intubations, canulation ,umbilical catheterization ,chest tube insertion and assisted ventilation with many different modes of ventilations such (CPAP,SIMV,SIPPV,PSV,VG,VIVE AND HFOV Dragger &Sensor medics) as well as inhaled nitric oxide administration.

5 consultants, 6 senior specialists, 15 specialists and 8 residents working in this unit.

I am working as neonatology specialist with routine daily work as well as 4-5 monthly on call duties.

Since April 2005 working as a senior on call duties covering a junior specialist and resident (Medical officer) on call doctors.

I have been included in the research and teaching activities such as lectures, case presentations, rounds and training setions in the unite as part of the teaching and training programs of Arab board council of medical specializations.


Previous Position

NOVEMBER 1st 2002 TO SEPTEMBER 16th 2004



I have been working in the department of pediatric in Ibri Referral hospital — which has a total bed capacity 242, and pediatric department having a general pediatric unit with 30 beds including high dependency with 6 beds for critical cases and emergency cases management. It also have SCBU unit with 20 beds with 7 assisted ventilation sets.

I am working 24hrs 1st on call duties twice a week as well as routine daily work, managing general pediatric , acute chronic and emergency cases performing all procedure required including canulation (intravenous, arterial ,intraossious and umbilical), intubations , and assisted ventilation (CPAP,SIPPV&SIMV) .

Also working in SCBU unit, managing full term and preterm patients requires intensive care management.

Consultant working in this department having a MRCP, FRCPCH, MRCPCH, MD, and PhD degree.

Previous Position


FROM NOVEMBER 25th 1996 TO AUGEST 31st 2002

Previous Position




I worked as a medical officer in a Residential Rotation in Baghdad hospital for two years including six months pediatrics.

Arab Board Training

31/10/1997 to 30/10/2002 For four years


1st year training:

Three months in Neonatology learning of basic neonatal resuscitation, and neonatal examination with basic neonatal care subjects

Three months in Hematology, clinics and liver biopsy and care of liver failure and follow up of different liver problems

Three months in PEC, pediatrics emergency center is triage of caring babies with different problems like fever convulsion dyspnea, flue, dehydration, diarrhea, GIT bleeding, hematuria, upper airway obstruction, pneumonia and other emergency services

Three months in general pediatric: caring patient babies receiving IV fluid, completing there antibiotics treatment, investigating undiagnosed cases with daily round with consultant other stages of board trainee


2nd year training:

Three months in neurology, neurology clinic, inpatient referral with consultant, looking after different mental retardation and epilepsy and other neurological problems, interpretation of EEG

Three months in gastroenterology, attending endoscopy both diagnostics and therapeutic, follow up clinic of different mal-absorption cases and other GIT problems

Three months in nephrology, follow up of nephrotics syndrome, renal failure acute and chronic doing peritoneal tap and looking after hemodialysis doing renal biopsy and looking after different renal problems

Three months in endocrinology: looking after diabetics patients and hypo and hyperthyroidism and other endocrine problems.


3rd year training:

Three months NICU: looking after ventilated babies with NICU specialist, attending the round

Three months PEC, looking after babies in the observation part of PEC, to complete there fluid or antibiotics or investigation till we find a bed to them in patient pediatrics floors

Three months in Cardiology: looking after cardiology clinics and learning of echo and attending catheterization sessions

Three months in pulmonology): attending bronchoscopy with consultant and following referral of pulmonology case from different department and attending clinics


4th year training:

Three month in Diabetic center, caring babies in diabetic center of Mustansyriah college of medicine with endocrinology consultant: where all diabetics children have appointment to this center to look after there growth treatment complication.

Three months in hematology: looking after leukemic babies giving cytotoxic drugs, attending clinics, attending hematology procedures like bone marrow aspirate and biopsy

Two months in hepatology: mainly doing US of liver, doing biopsy interpretations the result, attending the hepalology clinic in Iraqi center of gastero-enterology and hepatology

One month in laboratory: learning of urine and stool microscopy, CBC, and different type of basic lab, biochemistry and microbiology

Two months subspecialty clinics

Three months neurology: attending neurology clinics with consultant neurologist




Republic of Iraqi, Baghdad: Iraqi Medical association, registration number 21237, issued 09/11/1991 expiration 31/12/2010

State of Qatar , Doha :Supreme council of health, medical license.

UAE, Abu Dhabi :Abu Dhabi health authority ( HAAD), License number: GD4049 issued on 22/10/2009 will be expired on 21/10/2019


Worked-in after specialty certificate:


Albatool Teaching hospital ,Baquba, Iraq. From October 10th 2010 to Date.

Tawam University Hospital, AlAin ,Abu Dhabi ,UAE.

Qatar; Doha: Hammed medical corporation, women hospital.

Lybia, Misurata, Misurata Teaching Hospital.




Neonatal resuscitation instructor ,April 5th 2008/HMC/DOHA/QATAR.

PALS (pediatrics advanced life support) Instructor course , June 6th 2009.

Pediatric &neonatal ventilation course,University collehe London/Great Ormond Hospital,may 2nd 2006.

Neonatal resuscitation provider program March 18th 2007 MC/DOHA/QATAR.

Pediatrics Advanced pediatric life support course (PALS october2008).

6th annual neonatology meeting of the American Academy of continuing medical education in King Faisal specialist hospital & research center. Riyadh/KSA @April 17,18 &19TH 2006.

THE Essential Disaster Administration and Management Support Course (EDAMS) March 30th 2006 @Hamad International Training Center /HMC /DOHA /QATAR.




  1. Hand hygiene and aseptic technique: (independent practice)
  2. Intubation both nasal and oral: (independent practice).
  3. Resuscitation: Technical skill (CPR/ B and M): (independent practice).
  4. Resuscitation: leadership during resuscitation: (independent practice).
  5. Intercostal drain insertion: Air: (independent practice).
  6. Intercostal drain insertion: Fluid: (independent practice).
  7. Exchange transfusion: (independent practice).
  8. Percutaneous long line (independent practice).
  9. Central line insertion: UAC and UVC: (independent practice)
  10. Inter-osseous needle insertion: (independent practice).
  11. Peripheral arterial line insertion: (independent practice).
  12. Capillary blood sampling: (independent practice).
  13. Setting up and using conventional ventilation: (independent practice).
  14. Setting up and using HFOV: (independent practice).
  15. Setting up and using CPAP: (independent practice).
  16. Setting up and using inhaled nitric oxide: (independent practice).
  17. Cranial US technical: (independent practice).
  18. Cranial US interpretation: (independent practice).
  19. Working with team (multidisciplinary team): (independent practice).
  20. Interviewing parent: Giving information: (independent practice).
  21. Interviewing parent: breaking bad news: (independent practice).
  22. Interviewing parent: bereavement counseling-acute palliative: (independent practice).
  23. Interviewing parent: bereavement counseling-acute follow-up: (independent practice).
  24. Antenatal counseling: extreme preterm: (independent practice).
  25. Antenatal counseling: multiple Anomalies: (independent practice).
  26. Antenatal counseling: borderline viability: (independent practice).
  27. Facilitating ward round: (independent practice).
  28. Organizing discharge planning for long term patient onward: (independent practice).
  29. Running teaching session: case review: (independent practice).
  30. Running teaching session: practical: (independent practice).
  31. Documentation in medical record: (independent practice).
  32. Interpretation of blood gas: (independent practice).
  33. Interpretation of metabolic screen: (independent practice).
  34. Managing sick baby: (independent practice).
  35. Neonatal examination (admission and discharge); (independent practice).

Thesis :



The efficacy of using synchronized CPAP (SNIIPV) versus the ordinary CPAP for sick neonates (published April 20th 2009)


Outcome significance of perinatal versus postnatal fetal depression, a comparative study. (published April 20th 2009)


Outcome of low birth weight infants in Diyala Province of Iraq (published in oxford tropical pediatrics journal September 28th 2010) .


A comparison of neonatal bilirubin determined by blood gas analyzer and auto analyzer. (published June 2011 )


Incidence of whooping cough in Diyala province, Iraq. (published August 2011)




Dr.Sarmad Farook Yahya Alhamadani

Pediatrics department, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain , Abu Dhabi, UAE.

E-mail : sarmadfy@yahoo.com


DR.Hilal alrifai

Senior Consultant , NICU Director ,Chief of staff of Women's Hospital,HMC/DOHA/QATAR. E-Mail halrifai@hotmail.com .


DR. Hossam Salama.


E-Mail hus303@ yahoo.com.,telphone009744393153.


DR.,Prasanna S Bhat;


Dept. of Pediatrics, Ibri Regional Referral Hospital, Ibri, Sultanate of Oman.

E-mail: bhatprasanna@hotmail.com


DR. Anwar Al- Gassier ,MRCP (U.K) , DCM , Msc.

Misurata Teaching hospital, P. o . Box 833 , Misurata, Libya.

Telph No. + 218 — 722345, E — mail: gasseir@hotmail .com




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