Objectives, Vision and Message|

College Objectives:

Prepare doctors have ability of scientific base, high medical skills and clinical research, enables them to interact in the field of employment to rely on self-capacity in endoscopy and planning to solve current problems according to changing circumstances and plan for the future, according to disciplines.

College Vision:

Get international accreditation and upgrading to world in terms of output quality.

College Message:

  • Application of quality and medical standards for accreditation in accordance with the (IGL), which is derived on the basis of quality standards.
  • Adoption of modern educational methods and advanced techniques in teaching methods (including teaching and learning small totals OSCE, OSB , Loge Book ) And the preparation of educational programs for the College (including integrative curriculum) and set up a website for the College and shrouded and access to scientific indexes.
  • Employ information andcommunication technologies in the production of knowledge and scientific research transfer process and in preparing educational programs curricula.
  • Activate the participation and coordination and integration between the college and the community through the establishment of seminars, conferences and seminars to discuss health and scientific issues of the country.
  • The establishment of cultural exchange and bilateral agreements or collective relationships with universities, professional organizations and the Arab World.
  • Seek to develop Graduate Master Higher Diploma scientific disciplines.
  • Keep up with scientific and skills for growth in high – quality programs.
  • Harness scientific research in community health and cognitive and technical issues service.