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About the branch:

The department of pathology and forensic medicine is one of the most important part of the Faculty of Medicine. The department is concerned with teaching diseases for the students of the third and fourth stages and the theoretical and practical sections of the total number of units (6) divided between theoretical and practical. The department is interested in making students aware of the basics of pathology in general and diseases related to each device. The human body to be a doctor with a wide background and a fundamental pillar in all diseases, in addition to the branch is interested in studying the science of medical medicine and how to deal with all types of accidents and learn all the causes leading to death in addition to the Department’s interest in teaching the science of medical terminology and teaching students the first stage of all medical terminology.  

The Teaching Staff of the Branch:

Ass.Prof.Dr.Mustafa Gheni TaherHead of Branch
Lec.Hala Yaseen KadhimThe branch supervisor
Ass.Prof.Dr.Zahraa Najah MahdiTeaching staff
Ass.Prof.Dr.Thura Abbas FadhelTeaching staff
Ass.Prof.Dr.Fatima K. Ibrahim Al-MahdawiTeaching staff
Lec.Dr.Baraa Hassan LatiefTeaching staff
Lec.Dr.Rusul Kareem IsmailTeaching staff
Lec.Meisaa Ghany TaherTeaching staff
Lec.Mohamed sabaa ch.Teaching staff

Vision, Message And Objective:


As university education is one of the engines of economic development and the repository of knowledge and educational development, so it is the main tool for the transfer of cultural and scientific experience between human communities and colleges today and especially medicine centers for future research and knowledge creation so as to solve some of the development problems in the community, and the heads of institutions and the department of pathology is one of the branches of the Faculty of Medicine, which seeks to prepare doctors and scientists with deep experience of the department of importance in the life of the future doctor of the fact that the pathology is the basis of diagnosis and then treatment


  • Preparation of specialized medical cadres qualified and qualified in the medical and scientific fields with experience in diagnosing various diseases to address them
  • In addition to the preparation of specialized medical cadres in the knowledge of how to deal with various incidents and how to address them in addition to determine the causes of deaths
  • The medical staff is fully aware of the types of diseases and diagnoses the most accurate diseases that affect the various body organs through harnessing scientific research and scientific experiments to serve the community issues and prepare a medical cadre with medical expertise


  • The aim of the department is to produce a scientific medical staff with a background in the types of diseases and identify and treat various accidents
  • Organizing symposia and workshops related to pathology and serving community issues
  • Focus on mastering the pathology as it is the basis of diagnosis for the graduation of doctors who are capable of information, professional abilities, behavioral trends and highly qualified to qualify them for safe and effective medical practice
  • Development of teaching staff through providing the appropriate environment and opportunities for training and the development of graduate studies, in line with the increasing numbers of students studying and the continued development of the branch

Laboratories of the department

Laboratory of pathology: where practical training for students of the third and fourth stage in a practical study of all types of diseases in general, in addition to various types of diseases of different body systems through the presentation of various types of special cases of different diseases.   

Vocabulary and Curriculum

Vocabulary and special units for students of preliminary studies of the branch

StageThe unitsThe number of scientific hours 
First2  Medical term
Fourth4  Forensic medicine

Academic Program Description:

Academic Program Description 2023-2024

Branch contact information:

phone number07708160039 
Mail Box80 New Baquba