Prof. Dr. Amer Dawood Majeed|

Full Name:             Amer Dawood Majeed

Date of birth:            1958

Place of birth:              Al-Saadiya, Khaniquin, Iraq

Gender:                         Male

Marital status:             Married, with 3 children’s

Nationality:                   Iraqi

Current work:               Vice Dean College of medicine- Diyala University

Address:                         Baquba-Diyala-Iraq

Mobile no:                    07705792416


Languages:                    Arabic& English       

  1. Qualifications:

B.SC.  General physics/Slahuddeen university                      1982

M.Sc.     Optic physics/Slahudeen university                        1986

Ph.D.      biomedical physics/Al-Mustansiriya university     2002

               College of Science.

  • Job and Positions

Date of Appointment:  Assistant lecturer .college            14/2/ 1988

Of medicine/ Slahuddeen university.

 Decision branch of physiology& medical physics/                1995

Al-Anbar University.

Scientific upgrade:   to lecturer                                                1996

 College of medicine/Al-Anbar University.

Secretary of the board of the college of medicine- Diyala University 2004-2009

Decision branch of physiology &medical physics-                    2005-2008

Diyala university-college of medicine.

Chef of the examination committee:                                         2007 – 2008

Head branch of pathology:                                                           2007- 2008

Scientific upgrade: to Assistant professor                                 2008

College of medicine/Diyala University.

Head branch of pharmacology:                                   28/6/2008- 8/11/2008

College of medicine/Diyala University.

Vice dean for student Affairs.                                                         2008 – 2013

Director of the studies and planning.                                            2013 – 2015

Scientific upgrade: to professor                                                     2016

College of medicine/Diyala University.

Vice dean –College of Medicine-Diyala university                       2015 – 2019

Vice dean for Scientific Affair                                                          2020 – 2021

Vice dean for Administrative Affairs                                              2021-

4. Interest:

              My field of interest is medical physics especially in respect with biomedical physics.

5. Activities:     

-A member of editorial board at diyala journal of medicine.

-A member of   teaching union.

-A member of physics union.

6. Publications:          Amer D. Majeed

1-The effect of noise on hearing of workers in the glass and ceramic factory in Ramadi. Journal of AL-Anbar University, Vol. 1, June, 1996 

2-Absorption properties of gamma radiation by human bone. Diyala Journal for applied researchers (DJAR) Vol. 2. No. 1. 2006

3-Diagnosis of biofilm formed on intrauterine devices by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Diyala Journal for applied researchers (DJAR) Vol. 1. No. 1. 2005.

4-A study the effect of magnetic field on the absorption spectrum of distilled water. Al-fath ,. Journal, No27, 2006

5-Mobile radiofrequency does not interfere with antiarrhythmic drugs in patients with ischemic heart disease. North American Journal of Medical Science l October 2012. Volume 4. Issue 10

6-Electromagnetic energy radiated from mobile phone alters electrocardiographic records of patients with ischemic heart disease. Annals of medical & health sciences research. Volume 2. No 2, Jul 2012

7-Influence of mobile phone electromagnetic field exposure on pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus invitro. Diyala Journal of medicine.Vol. 5, issue 2, December 2013

8- The Response of Blood Platelets to the Vibration Sound in Healthy Subjects and Hypertensive, Diabetic Patients: In Vitro Study. STM Journals. 2015; RRJoI 23-28p. vol.5, issue 1

9- The effect of mobile waves on the growth of pathogenic Fungi.

 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences. ISSN: 2319-7706 Volume 4 Number 11 (2015) pp. 838-842.

10- Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation exposure emitted from cell phone alters the FSH, LH hormones level in vitro.Int.J.Adv.Res. 4(12).2023-2031.ISSN:2320-5407.December 2016.

11- Effect Z-Score Normalization on Accuracy of Classification of liver disease. Jameel Mukbyber, DhahirAbdulhadeAbdulah, Amer D. Majeed,  Turkish journal of computer and mathematics education 12, 658-662